Restake Tutorial

Flexi Pool:

Flexi Pools enable users to stake and restake at any time without any restrictions on time or stake amount.

On the restaking page: Restake Page

  • Total Value Restaked: The sum of all pools' Total Value Locked (TVL), calculated in USD.

  • Mind XP: The total amount of Mind XP generated by restaking.

  • Your Total Restake: The sum of all your staked assets, calculated in USD.

  • Your Total Mind XP: The total Mind XP you have earned.

🐾 Step by step user guide

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Open the Mind App and connect your Web3 wallet.

Visit Mind DApp at

Step 2: Select the Network and token you want to restake.

You can switch networks by clicking the button on the upper right corner.

Step 3: Token Approval.

Enter the amount you would like to restake and click Stake.

If this is your first time depositing a token on Mindnetwork, you'll need to Approve token spending before you can restake. Token Approval gives a dApp permission to move the specified token from your wallet. Set a spending cap, and click Next.

Step 4: Confirm Deposit Transaction

Once the token Approval transaction is confirmed, you will be prompted to confirm the Stake transaction. Confirm the Deposit transaction via your wallet. A pop-up window will tell you if the transaction is successful. Observe the corresponding increase in your Restaked balance in the app:

Club Pool:

Coming soon!

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