🧠 What is Mind Network ?

Mind Network is the First Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Restaking Layer for AI and Proof-of-Stake (POS) Networks. The layer accepts restaking tokens from ETH, BTC, and AI bluechips and operates as an FHE validation network, bringing consensus, data, and cryptoeconomic security to Decentralized AI, DePIN, EigenLayer and Babylon AVS, and many critical POS networks.

Credits :

  • Ethereum Fellowship Grant

  • Binance Incubation Camp S5

  • Chainlink BUILD Program

  • Consensus Startup Program

  • ETH Singapore Hackathon 1st Place Winner

🤔 Why use Mind Network ?

For most AI or POS networks, they normally adopt native token staking and delegation on Validators and conclude the consensus based voting mechanism. There are three major challenges for these networks:

  1. Consensus Security: The voting mechanism normally takes independent validation from validators, then broadcasts the validation results to the network publicly, and concludes the consensus based on these results. It works well in a decentralized network with a great number of independent nodes, like Ethereum. But in some networks with less nodes, we see a lot of cheating and manipulation in the voting process by coping and influencing results from other validators.

  2. Data Security: AI networks are data intensive. In many use cases, miners and validators need to work on high-value data like personal data, sensor data, transaction data, etc., and also generate output prediction or analysis with a certain degree of sensitivity. These input and output data must be protected, especially in a decentralized network, in order to work with high value data in production. It is a well known concern for real adoption.

  3. Crypto Economy Security: Many AI or POS networks depend on their own tokens to secure the consensus and slash if any validators violate their obligations. However, their own tokens may suffer volatility on the token price, which may cause security issues for the whole network. The novel restaking solutions like EigenLayer or Babylon offer restaking less volatitized tokens like ETH or BTC to secure the crypto economy of POS networks. However, AI networks demand more fexlibility on the choice of restaking tokens due to their unique product nature and the variety of risk appettes.

🤝 Who use Mind Network ?

Mind Network introduces a Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) restaking layer to protect consensus, data, and cryptoeconomic security through FHE validation. It brings benefits to all participants:

1. For AI and POS Networks:

  • Consensus Security: protected by FHE validation to ensure fairness and security for the consensus computation.

  • Cryptoeconomic Security: further protected by offering a restaking marketplace to allow AI or POS networks to adopt the restaking tokens from ETH, BTC or AI ecosystems to diversify the risk.

  • Data Security: ensured by end to end encryption for the high value data through decentralized computation.

2. For Restakers:

  • Remote Staking: stake the liquidity restaking tokens on main stream chains without transferring to other chains to minimize the cost and avoid bridging risk.

  • Yield from AI networks: earn extra yield on top of restaking yields from the native tokens of AI and POS networks.

3. For Validators:

  • FHE Validation: participate into FHE validation network and receive rewards by registering and offering GPU accelerated FHE validation.

🌰 How Mind Network works ? (In a nutshell)

The Mind Network has a layered structure: Restaking Layer, Consensus Layer and Security Layer.

Layered Framework:

  • Subnets of Mind Network: Subnets are the AI or POS networks which consume Mind Network's FHE validation services and become a part of the ecosystems. They could be networks built from scratch on the Mind Network or existing networks adopting Mind Network's validation services.

  • Security Layer: It is the core security service from Mind Network's FHE Validation Network, which is formed by a number of Independent FHE Validators.

  • Consensus Layer: This is the backbone of the Mind Network. It is a rollup chain co-developed with AltLayer and EigenDA to ensure the consensus from the FHE validation process and also used to secure the ledger of remote staking with user interactions.

  • Restaking Layer: This is a layer to accept staking from Ethereum, BTC, and AI ecosystems across a variety of chains and networks through Remote Staking. It also acts as a Restaking Marketplace to offer different restaking tokens for Subnet to secure their networks.

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