Protect the privacy of your client users using the Mind Lake SDK.

The Mind Lake SDK utilizes Mind Lake's encryption storage and privacy computing capabilities to provide secure data management.

  • Mind Lake is the backbone of Mind Network.

  • All data is end-to-end encrypted at the client-side SDK side, ensuring that plaintext data never leaves the user's client.

  • Cryptographic principles ensure that only the data owner can access their own plaintext data.

  • Additionally, Mind Lake's powerful privacy computing capabilities enable the performance of calculations and querying of encrypted data.

Design Principle

  • Data encryption and decryption occur on the user's side. The SDK executes encryption and decryption algorithms locally, e.g. in the user's browser or local trusted computer.

  • The SDK sends ciphertext into Mind Lake. Mind Lake stores ciphertext. The SDK queries over ciphertext in Mind Lake.

  • Ciphertext can be shared and the user can query others' cipher once permission is granted.

  • With the SDK, the developer can only touch ciphertext and have no way to touch the user's plaintext (unless the user shares it with the developers) in the dapp.

Supported Programming Language

The SDK offers the same functions in TypeScript and Python programming languages for different types of developers and use cases such as dapp development and data science.

  • TypeScript: primarily intended for Dapp development

  • Python: primarily intended for data science

Any difference between TypeScript and Python implementation?

  • TypeScript connects to MetaMask in the user's browser for authorized operations. It is ideal for Dapp and has higher security.

  • Python can not connect to MetaMask in the user's browser. Instead, users need to copy their MetaMask's private key to the user's local computer. Python SDK will then load MetaMask's private key into the eth account locally for authorized operations. MetaMask's private key will never leave the user's local environment. This is ideal for data science and for self-use purposes.

Supported Chains、Wallets and Emails

Mind Lake's account keys are permanently stored using public blockchains with encryption.

  • To ensure that only the wallet owner can decrypt the cipher and access their keys, all keys are encrypted using the public key of the wallet and can only be decrypted using the wallet's private key.

  • Attention: The user's wallet is the only way to access Mind Lake. Losing wallet access will disable access permanently.

  • Mainnet and Testnet are completely separate environments. Testnet is only for testing and development purposes.

The following chains、wallets and emails are currently supported. More chains、wallets and emails will be added by following the roadmap and community requests.

Chains (TypeScript)

  • Goerli Testnet (EVM)

  • BNB Smart Chain Testnet (EVM)

  • BNB Smart Chain Mainnet (EVM)

  • opBNB Testnet (EVM)

  • opBNB Mainnet (EVM)

  • Polygon Mainnet (EVM)

  • Mumbai (EVM)

Chains (Python)

  • Goerli Testnet (EVM)


  • MetaMask


  • Clerk


VersionRelease DateDescription


Jun 2, 2023

Initial release. Support Goerli Chain


Aug 29, 2023

Add support for Mind DataPack


Sep 1, 2023

Add support for multiple chains


Sep 18, 2023

Support clerk


Nov 6, 2023

Support BSC Chain


Nov 8, 2023

Support deterministic key generation


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