Mind XP


Mind XP is the ponit system for future token airdrop and other benefits. The airdrop will be distributed fairly and equally based on the users' accumulated Mind XP. This document outlines how Mind XP is calculated and the benefits of participating in various staking pools.

🧮 Mind XP Calculation

There are two types of staking pools in Mind Network. Flexi Pool is a flexible pool for stakers to deposite and withdraw anytime they prefer. Club Pool is a lock-up pool collaborated with our restaking partners to offer special rewards for club members. Mind XP is earned through staking in either of pools and is calculated using the following formula:

Flexi Pool:

Mind XP = Amount of Tokens × Hours × Token Adjustment Factor × Campaign Boost

Club Pool (Coming soon) :

Mind XP = Amount of Tokens × Hours × Token Adjustment Factor × (Campaign Boost + Club Membership Boost)

  • Amount of Tokens: the number of accepted restaking tokens (eETH, STONE, PurfETH, etc.)

  • Hours: the number of continuous hours the token has been staked

  • Token Adjustment Factor: roughly correlated to the market price of restaking tokens, which covers the variants of ETH restaking tokens, BTC restaking tokens and other bluechip tokens.

  • Campaign Boost: the boost of points according to the campaign settings. Occasionally, Mind Network will run limited-time campaigns that offer extra boosts on Mind XP. These campaign boosts are in addition to any existing boosts from staking. Details of current campaigns and their respective boosts will be announced on our official channels.

  • Club Membership Boost: club members (qualified stakers in each club) could receive extra rewards according to their membership levels.

  • Club Membership level and Boosts:

Membership LevelStaked Amount RequirementAdditional Boost

x < 10 ETH


10 <= x < 100 ETH


100 <= x < 500 ETH


500 <- x < 1000 ETH


x >= 1000 ETH


👀 Viewing Your Mind XP

You can view the Mind XP earned from each pool, including your membership status if you have staked in a Club pool, by navigating to the Mind XP page on our platform. This page will display all relevant details and your accumulated Mind XP.

🏆 Leaderboard

The leaderboard is updated daily, allowing you to check your ranking among all participants. It displays total participants and their respective Mind XP, providing a competitive aspect to the staking process.

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