Restaking Guide

Welcome to the Mind Network Dapp Restaking Guide. This guide will walk you through how LST and LRT holders can restake and withdraw

Mind Network DApp:

Restaking Service

Mind Network's Restaking Service is an innovative layer designed to enhance the security and functionality of AI and Proof-of-Stake (POS) networks. It leverages Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to accept restaking tokens from major cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, and AI bluechip tokens, forming a secure and efficient FHE validation network.

​🌟 Benefits of Mind Network's Restaking Service:

  1. 1.Asset Security: Through FHE, Remote Staking is achieved without the need for cross-chain asset transfers, reducing security assumptions, lowering costs, and ensuring staking security.

  2. 2.Flexibility and Convenience: Mind Network supports a diverse range of LST/LRT assets, providing flexibility and ease of use for restaking.

  3. 3.Diverse Rewards: By participating in Restaking, you can earn not only the original network staking rewards and protocol rewards but also additional rewards from Mind and AI/POS networks within the ecosystem. This increases asset liquidity and utilization.

  4. 4.Contributing to Network Security: Staked assets will serve the FHE validation of the Subnet, contributing to the overall security and reliability of the decentralized ecosystem and benefiting from it.

  5. 5.Earn Mind XP: At the upcoming stage, participants in Restaking can earn Mind XP rewards.

By restaking with Mind Network, you not only secure your assets but also enhance your rewards and contribute to the broader decentralized network's security and efficiency. Follow our guide to get started and maximize your benefits with Mind Network's Restaking Service.​

​🪙 Supported Networks & tokens

Currently supported Network:

  • Ethereum

  • Scroll

Supported tokens:

  • eEth: Lido staked ETH

  • ezEth: Renzo staked ETH

  • stEth: staked ETH

  • STONE: StakeStone staked ETH

  • pSTONE: Pencil staked STONE

  • pufETH: Puffer staked ETH

  • swETH: Swell staked ETH

  • weETH: Wrapped eETH

More networks and tokens are coming

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