Q: What is Mind Network's Restaking Service?

A: Mind Network's Restaking Service is an innovative solution designed to enhance the security and functionality of AI and Proof-of-Stake (POS) networks. It leverages Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to accept restaking tokens from major cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, and AI bluechip tokens, forming a secure and efficient FHE validation network.

Q: What types of rewards can I earn through Restaking?

A: By participating in Restaking, you can earn original network staking rewards, protocol rewards, additional rewards from Mind and AI/POS networks, and Mind XP.

Q: Is there a lock-up period when I restake in the Mind Network?

A: We offer two types of staking pools during the Alpha Mainnet Phase:

  1. Flexible Pool: You can stake and unstake at any time without a lock-up period.

  2. Club Pool: This pool has a lock-up period but offers higher rewards. You can stake in the Club Pool at any time, but you can only unstake after the lock-up period has ended.

Q: How can I withdraw my assets?

A: Flexible Pool: You can unstake your assets at any time by navigating to the Unstake page.Club Pool: You can unstake your assets once the lock-up period has ended.

Q: What assets can I stake on the Mind Network?

A: Currently, Mind Network supports assets from the Ethereum mainnet, including LST and LRT tokens such as eETH, pufETH, and rzETH. You can browse our token lists by switching to different networks on our dApp. We are also planning to integrate more ecosystems, including Arbitrum, Scroll, BNB, Merlin, and others, in the near future.

Q: Are there any additional fees for me?

A: There are no additional fees excluding the basic transaction gas fee.

Q: What is Mind XP and how can I earn it?

A: Mind XP is the point system of the Mind Network before the Token Generation Event (TGE). All the Mind XP you earn will be converted into airdropped tokens after the TGE, with the allocation based on the XP you have accumulated.

You can earn Mind XP primarily by staking your assets on Mind Network. We offer asset pools across different networks for you to choose from, and different pools may provide different boosts to your Mind XP. Additionally, we host limited-time campaigns in collaboration with partners, offering higher Mind XP boosts and sometimes other rewards from partner projects.

For detailed rules on how Mind XP is calculated, please refer to:

Q: Can I transfer my Mind XP?

No, you can't.

Q: When is the Mind XP update time?
  1. Your individual Mind XP and your total restake on the stake page are updated every two minutes.

  2. The total Mind XP and Mind XP leaderboard are calculated based on the previous day's settlement, which includes transaction data up to 00:00 UTC of the current day. There may be some delays, but you can check the updated data after 1 AM UTC each day.

Q: Are my assets safe on the Mind Network?

A: Yes, your assets are safe on the Mind Network. Here’s why:

  1. Secure Staking: During the staking process, your funds are locked in our smart contract and are not transferred elsewhere.

  2. Audited Contracts: Our contracts have been audited by two independent auditing firms.

  3. Governance and Security: Our contract governance is managed through a Multi-Sig Wallet and Timelock mechanism. The Multi-Sig Wallet is managed by multiple parties to prevent a single point of failure. The Timelock ensures that users have ample time (currently set at 48 hours) to make informed decisions before any governance action takes effect.

  4. Bug Bounty Program: We participate in the BugRap bug bounty program. White hat hackers can report vulnerabilities in our products to us in exchange for rewards, enhancing our security.

Q: If I restaking LST/LRT on the Mind Network, will I still receive the original protocol rewards?

A: Certainly, you can receive all the protocol rewards as well as the additional Mind XP rewards. For example, when you stake eETH, you will still receive the rewards provided by Ether.fi.

Q: How about my testnet/community rewards?

There is an allocation for testnet and community contributors, and you won’t be forgotten. We really appreciate your support during the journey with Mind. We haven't issued any tokens yet and are continuing to build.

If you have any other questions, feel free to join our Discord and Telegram groups to ask. You can also follow us on X for the latest updates and support.

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