🌐 Supported Networks

  1. Ethereum: The leading blockchain network known for its extensive ecosystem and security.

  2. Polygon: A layer-2 scaling solution offering fast transactions and low fees while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum.

  3. Arbitrum: A layer-2 scaling solution focusing on optimized transactions, with enhanced throughput and reduced costs.

🪙 Supported Tokens

  • ETH: The native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum & Arbitrum network.

  • MATIC: The native token of the Polygon network.

  • USDC: A stablecoin pegged to the U.S. Dollar, available on all three networks.

✒️ Register before you go

Register tutorial

The public key used for Stealth Account generation will be generated and published upon registration.

  1. Switch the network to Polygon, and click register. Then sign a message to create your unique Mind-specific private keys . (This process would involve some gas fee)

    These keys let you safely use Mind Network without risking your wallet's private keys. No need to save these keys anywhere!

  2. Submit a transaction to save the corresponding public keys on the blockchain. This enables anyone to use them for making stealth transfers to you. One registration, and you're all set to use stealth addresses.

Step by step tutorial

Step 1: Connect to the network on which you want to make a transfer

Note: If you encounter any issues with the connected network (RPC), we recommend deleting the network and adding it again following the instructions above.

Each transaction would cost gas fee, make sure you have enough gas fee in wallet to pay for your transaction

Step 2: Make a transfer

After choosing the network (take Arbitrum for example), navigate to 'Transfer' and fill in the required details in the provided spaces.

Friendly Reminder:

Please ensure that the recipient's wallet account is registered on Mind Network; otherwise, the transfer will not go through.

When the recipient's wallet account is not yet registered on Mind Network, a reminder will appear, and you can then share the invitation link with another user by clicking on 'Share link to invite'.

When the recipient's wallet address is registered, now you can proceed with the transfer:

  • From: Choose the connected wallet address (by default) or a stealth address marked with (SA)

    1. When the from address is your wallet address, the gas fee will be provided by the gas token in your wallet.

    2. When the from address is the SA address, the gas fee will be provided by your SA token.

  • To: Enter the recipient's wallet account.

  • Amount: Enter the amount or choose the maximum.

    • When you choose max, the amount would be the value after deducting the expected gas fee

  • Token: Choose token (i.e. ETH)

  • Click the 'Transfer' button to submit the transaction.

  • Click the 'Confirm' button to confirm the transaction.

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Step 3: Confirm Transaction

Wait a few seconds for the transaction to be processed successfully.

If you copy and enter the [Share Transaction Link], you could see your transaction detail on chain

To access the history:

Clicking on the 'History' button on the Transfer page allows you to view the detailed transfer history, which is also available for download.

Make Stealth Address

All of the steps are the same as above. The only difference is choose the Stealth Address you would like to make the transfer from

Notice: When making a transfer from a Stealth Address, the type and the amount of asset you can transfer is the asset you have in that Stealth Address. Besides, each transaction cost gas. When you click max to transfer, Mind would provide the max amount you can receive after the gas fee deducted.

Video Tutorial

Starts from 3:05


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