MindChain for FHE Validation

MindChain is a specialized rollup chain tailored for FHE Validation, boasting key features that cater to the unique requirements of this domain:

🗝️ Key Features

  • Support for Large Data Size: MindChain accommodates large data sizes, necessary to handle the overhead from encryption.

  • Fast Settlement and Transactions: Despite handling hefty data, MindChain maintains high security while enabling swift settlement and transactions, thanks to its high frequency.

  • RemoteStaking with Trustable Messaging: MindChain facilitates RemoteStaking with reliable messaging to broader source chains, ensuring trustworthiness in the staking process.

💻 Compatibility and Development

MindChain is EVM compatible, providing a familiar environment for developers. It supports the Solidity programming language, ensuring seamless transition for Ethereum developers. Your existing solidity development tools and deployment experience should remain consistent for smart contracts.

🚀 Upcoming Testnet

The testnet is currently undergoing intensive beta testing and is slated for release soon. Stay tuned for more information, including details about the explorer, token, and faucet, which will be disclosed shortly.

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